Scarlet Macaw

The scarlet macaw is the national bird of Honduras. When we realized this, we also realized that the colors on this bird almost perfectly portray the colors of what is now known as the Wordless Book. It is said that the Wordless Book was first design as a three page book by Charles Spurgeon in 1866. The three colors were said to be a reminder of his sinfulness, Christ’s blood, and the cleansing provided for him.


Nine years later, when D. L. Moody used the book at a children’s service, a gold page had been added which was used to tell of the love of God and glories of heaven. Years later a green page was added to emphasize the need for growth as Christians. Some books use a blue page as well which can refer to Christ’s ascension to heaven and His soon return.

All these colors are found on the scarlet macaw, making it an excellent illustration to use in place of the Wordless Book. We have carried a poster with us through our two years of deputation and have used it over and over again to share the gospel with children.

Now as we begin our ministry in Honduras, we look forward to telling children that the national bird of their country reminds us of the gospel.