Before we even arrived in Honduras, we felt the need to send out the call for more workers. Now that we are here and have seen the need, we ask again, will you come and help us? There is so much to do! Brother Williams, the missionary with whom we are working, mentions the following needs in his last prayer letter. Could you come and help us?

Church Building Construction
The time has come to move out of the crowded rented facility we are using for church services and to move into something much bigger. The new facilities that are under construction will hold about three times more than the current rented place. Several teams have helped already. They have strengthened the foundation of the first floor, and have prepared the building for adding another floor. Now we will need electricians, plumbers and carpenters for the next stage. If you or your church can help, please get in touch with us.

School Teachers
We are excited about starting an evangelistic bilingual school that will bring children and their parents under the sound of the gospel. Almost all classes will be English. Although we have a few teachers who can help start this school, we will need more as we expand into more grades. Right now we are looking for Independent Baptist church members who are qualified teachers. In order for our new ministry to work we will need to man the Church school with self supporting teachers, commencing with Pre-Kinder in February 2019 and adding one teacher and grade per year thereafter. With God’s help, we believe this can be achieved with help from the following sources.
Retired: Retired teachers who wish to use some of their retirement time to help us get this ministry off the ground are welcome apply.
Newly qualified: Newly qualified teachers may apply to come for a minimum of two years in order to gain experience while helping us forward this ministry.
Missionaries: Independent fundamental Baptist Missionaries, who feel their call is to serve as teachers, may apply to work as part of our team here.

There is much to do and time is short. Will you consider coming over to help us?