Bible Institute Students

Fifteen Bible Institute students are excitedly waiting for our arrival in Honduras so we can begin the second year of the Institute. We are also excited about working with them.

The Bible Institute is divided into three levels, which depend upon the type of degree the student is seeking. The classes are the same, but the homework and extra work required varies. Students seeking the higher degrees will be required to do more outside reading, research, reports, Scripture memorization, and practice than others.

Our immediate goals for the Bible Institute students are as follows. Character development: We are aware of the dangers of adding knowledge to faith instead of virtue as the Scripture demands in 2 Peter 1:5. It is important to us that our students not only have the knowledge necessary for the ministry, but also the character to be strong leaders. Prayer: We want our students to learn to be men and women of prayer. Although this is a subject not usually taught or emphasized in Bible Institutes, we can grow together in prayer as we study and apply what our Lord teaches on the subject. Church planting: We want to see the emphasis that our Lord places on planting new churches and to be involved in that work. Opportunities abound in Honduras to be involved in church planting.

Our time in classes will be limited to what the students have available. In the past they have only been available for two classes on Sunday afternoons. Please pray with us that we will be able to do more in the coming years.